Ethiopia Nefas Farm

Origin Ethiopia
Region Sidamo
Proc. Method


Elevation 1600-1700 masl
Varietal Heirloom

The Cup

"Sweet with fruit and a syrupy mouthfeel; big chocolate and apricot flavors with berry finish."

Sirius Coffee Roasters is stoked to offer some great coffees from Ethiopia in our line up! Ethiopia is considered by experts to be the birthplace of coffee, so we wanted to put out an option for Natural lovers and Washed Fanatics!

Covered by a dense forest, this coffee from Nefas Farms is 100% shade grown, but not afraid to step into the spotlight! The FRUIT NOTES and SUGARS of this coffee are as bold as the font we used for them! Sweet, milk chocolate flavor comes in to balance everything out!

If you aren't sold on a natural processed coffee or looking for a little more subtle of a cup, check out our Ethiopia Werka Chelchele!

 *orders over 3 lbs qualify for free shipping