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Jul 15 2012

Greetings from Steve!


A few words from one of our owners, Steve Fritzen:


Save the date!!  Saturday August 18th, we'll be celebrating our 10 year anniversary.  Details will follow soon, but you can assure that coffee, food, beer, and fun will be in abundance for our big party.  

Other exciting news is the launch of our new online store which will take place on Wednesday, July 25th.  So spread the news to family and friends who have moved away and share the joy of fresh roasted coffee delivered straight to your doorstep. 


In coffee news, we have a new micro-lot Guatemala from the Huehuetenango region.  This is our first arrival of fresh crop centrals and we couldn't be more excited about this season’s coffees.  The Guatemala displays wonderful raisin sweetness, heavy body, and a playful acidity makes this coffee sing.  The coffee is a show stopper as a single origin drip and has made our espresso explode with a wonderful lingering sweet finish.  

Our new special prepped organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, hails from the Idido Co-op and is simply in a class by itself.  It has the classic Yirgacheffe floral aromas and lime citrus notes, with sweet peach undertones, and a light silky body.  We waited a long time to finally offer such a sought after coffee and know that you will be blown away.  

Health and Coffee Hound

April and I have been on or own health kick and want to shar our passion for healthy food and coffee.

We have paired up with Emily and Chris Reynolds of "My Lean Body Bootcamp," the areas only RKC certified kettlebell trainers, to offer a custom roasted coffee for their clients.   

Also, I have been researching and experimenting with tasty healthy alternatives to add to your typical coffeehouse fair. The focus will be on a small condensed menu that will offer gluten free, paleo/primal treats, and yummy coffee drinks that will make you feel good.  We will substitute with natural sweeteners (honey, maple syrup, and agave) instead of refined sugars; almond and coconut flours instead of wheat flours; and using organic coconut oil or grass fed butter to replace vegetable oil.

We are coming up with a dietary breakdown of our offerings as well as ingredient lists, that will be available to everyone.


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